SkillsForce is a platform to facilitate professional learning, track skill development through the use of micro-credentials and share best practices within a peer community of educators.

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Closing the Professional Development “Knowing-Doing Gap”

Acquiring Knowledge

Join a professional learning community and share best practices among peers with similar academic areas of interest

Developing Skills

Earn micro-credentials, recognizing the skills you've developed through your professional learning

Getting Results

SkillsForce helps districts accelerate their progess at closing the "knowing-doing gap" of professional development
Why SkillsForce?

Student outcomes are directly tied to the skills of educators. SkillsForce was created to help the districts close the "knowing-doing gap" acknowledging the gap between the professional development provided and what actually gets implemented into the classroom. SkillsForce is an innovative professional learning management system that increases educators' skills via the acquisition of data-driven, evidence-based practices in the form of micro-credentials.

Educator Benefits

  • Recognition for developing skills
  • Empowering approach to learning on the job
  • Accelerated personalized development
  • Career advancement
  • Designed for flexible lifelong learning
  • On demand
For Districts

With SkillsForce, district leaders can identify their essential standards and skills, align them to key roles, and access real-time reporting which turns professional development into a targeted, calculated instrument.
District Benefits
  • Accurate tracking of your educators’ development
  • Structured approach to learning on the job
  • Personalize your training program
  • Retain educators while boosting competency
  • Recognition based on the skills your educators have developed
  • Highly scalable
  • Measure and track educators’ capabilities with student outcomes
"SkillsForce provides evidence that professional learning is making a difference in teacher and leader practices that impact student learning...answering that elusive question: what's the impact and how do we know?"
Ann Cunningham-Morris
Author, Consultant and former Director of Professional Development for ASCD

"I participated in the PLC micro-credential. This micro-credential was a great fit for me! As a district we were implementing the PLC process, so I was able to gain insight on the concept as well as self-reflect on things I was already doing at school. The information was relevant to what's occurring in our school and I could complete the work at my own pace on my own time."
Teacher, TLS/PD Coordinator
Wayne Community High School